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26 06 2009

This was today’s project.  The shelves need to be accessorized, but I broke a weld trying to level the bottom shelf.  So next week I’ll take it to a friend to get it spot welded.


I picked up the shelf from Hobby Lobby on Tuesday.  It was from the garden section and was marked down 66%.  The pictures are from last year’s calendar. 

I had been saving the calendar, because I just loved the pictures.  The problem — they were really too big for framing and hanging where I wanted them.  My solution scan the pictures and print them in a smaller size.  However, the calendar was even too big for my scan bed.  So I scanned each picture at 300 dpi in two parts.(Now I can get rid of the calendar)  There is a little program that came with one of my Canon cameras called PhotoStitch.  I found that it can be downloaded from here .  This program will merge pictures together.  It works beautifully for panorama landscape pictures or anything you can’t get in one shot or one scan.  Anyway, I merged the two parts together.  Then I opened the picture in Photoshop and cropped it to 5×7.  The original pictures weren’t the same ratio so I did loose part of the picture.  I put two pictures on a 8-1/2 x11 page and then printed at the best print quality on photo paper.   It worked perfectly.

 Frames were 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week so I went to get four frames.  Of course there were only three of the ones I liked.  I bought them anyway and since we have three Hobby Lobbys in town found the last frame at another location.

A Betty Boop salt and pepper shaker has made it on the shelf.  After I get it fixed, I’m going to have some fun putting other small items up there.




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27 06 2009

That looks so pretty!!!! Great idea to scan the pictures. LOVE that shelf.

28 06 2009

Very cool and pretty, how does the shelf look if hung the other direction????? I think every room needs a touch of black to make it come alive and to get at reduced prices WOW!

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