Enough Already

25 06 2009

The boys have been out of school for five weeks, but I wouldn’t even know they were home most of the time.  They have been glued to the computer.  I’ve been talking to them about self regulating, but it didn’t seem to sink in.  Finally enough was enough.  Guy booted them off the computers this evening and they now have certain hours they cannot use any screens — computers, TV, ipod, DS etc. 

Jesse pulled out the dominos and I thought he was pretty creative when I saw this sitting on the table.


I guessed a piano, but was immediately corrected.  It is a keyboard.  The amount of his creativity came into serious question when he said he needed a blue shirt for the cat.  The question then was where had he seen this.  His response, “If I could use a computer, I could show you.”  Nice try kid.

It turns out there is a YouTube video that has been used frequently at the end of “fail” videos.  He modeled his little scene after that.  It is a real cat and keyboard in the video, so I still give him points for creativity.  Here’s the video.  I am amazed by what they find hilarious, but they are boys.