Noah & Co.

14 06 2009

I put the last stitch in the binding on this quilt this morning.  I am going to consider it finished and mark it off the UFO list.  However, I don’t have a label on the back yet.  The problem is I’m not sure what year I started it.  It was a block of the month kit from Quakertown Quilts.  I’m about 95% certain I started it in either the summer of 1997 or 1998.  There is a very slight chance it was 1996.   I’ve sent an email off to them to see if they know what year it was.  There are no copyright notices on the pattern, so no help there.

 I ordered the block of the month series when all they had posted on their website was the ark.  I’m not sure whether I would have purchased it if the whole thing had been shown.  As I look at it, I’m pleased to say I’ve come a long way in my piecing in the last 11 or 12 years.  I worked on this quilt during an era when I was avoiding handwork like the plague.  In fact everything was finished for years on this quilt top except a little hand embroidery.  I’d like to say the handwork avoidance was due in part to having a baby and a toddler only 21 months apart at the time.  However, I can’t blame it all on them since I’m fairly sure I was avoiding handwork even in college.  I’m happy to say I rediscovered handwork a few years ago and it is once again very enjoyable.