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5 06 2009

I finished my Critter Quilt top this morning.  I’ve been trying to figure out exactly when I started working on it.  I think it was either 2004 or 2005, however 2006 is also a possibility.  The quilt is from a Brandywine Design book which is out of print.  (edited — I take that back, I was looking at the website and it is available again, but under patterns, mine was a book.)   I know I bought the book the day after Thanksgiving when we lived in California.  Which would mean it was sometime between 1996 and 1998.  I had never done any hand applique at the time, but knew that was the way I wanted to do this quilt.  I really started doing hand applique in 2001.  For this quilt I used freezer paper applique and back basting.  It occurred to me just as I was finally finishing the letters, I should have used starch and press for them.  However, it is finished and I’m not going to redo it.  People that have seen me working on this quilt ask who I’m making it for.  The answer– MYSELF!  I don’t give away hand applique quilts. 


Aside from appliquing the words, the most difficult thing on this quilt was finding the appropriate fabric for each animal.  That is one of the reasons it has taken so long.  Perhaps this quilt shouldn’t have been classified as a UFO, but rather a WIP because it never really was put away.  It was usually available to work on whenever I needed handwork.




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5 06 2009

Sonya, darling quilt. I have this book also and another one very similar. You have inspired me to start looking for fabrics and make one for myself.

5 06 2009
Kathy E.

VERY cute quilt! You really did a great job of matching critters with fabric.

5 06 2009
Brenda J

I LOVE that critter quilt. You are getting SO many UFO’s done– if you run out, do you want some of mine to finish for me? LOL!! Congrats on all the projects– they are all wonderful!

7 06 2009

To darn cute. What a lot of work went into this guy. I can see why you are keeping it for yourself.

17 01 2010
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[…] those fabrics are backgrounds from another snowman quilt and the fourth is the background from my Critter Quilt.  Since I managed to pull backgrounds out of my stash I think I’ll try to do all the blocks […]

16 09 2010
Joann Whiting

I made 5 of the critter quilts, then I gave away my pattern. I made them for my grandsons. Thought I was done, but now have a new 3 year old. He needs one too. I gave my pattern away. Does anyone have one I could buy? Thanks

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