Yes Sir, That’s My Baby!

20 05 2009

Last night Nolan graduated from 8th grade.  The class didn’t want a formal graduation, instead they chose to have a dinner in their teacher’s backyard and spend the night at her house.  She did ask them to dress up.  Nolan has a dress shirt, but he was talking about a jacket.  He is still growing faster than we can keep up with so we raided Dad’s closet.  The funny thing is Guy’s clothes fit perfectly.  The pants and notice the shoes are Nolan’s, the rest belongs to Guy.


This is a picture of the 8th grade class.  About half of them were in Kindergarten together.


(I made the cake.  It is much simpler than my original plan.   I made cream cheese frosting and it refused to hold much of any definition.  It tasted good.)

Finally here is Nolan receiving his diploma — he said, “I’m going to use it to get a job.”   We wished him luck with that!


The class came dragging into school at about 10:30 this morning.  Most of them never went to bed.  We left for a road trip the minute school was out at noon and the boys slept the whole 8 hours we drove and dropped into bed again.  Apparently fun was had by all.   Perhaps we are half finished with Nolan’s school bills — the less expensive half!




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21 05 2009

LOL! The shoes–they really do something for the outfit! That’s a kick!

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