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28 04 2009

The full time teachers at school are out of state for training.  We took one of our remaining snow days yesterday, but today we had an all school field trip.  A lot of it was my idea so I ended up organizing most of it.    I knew we wanted to go to one of the biggest libraries in town and to the Olympic training Center.  However, that left us a couple of hours in the morning before either opened.  The solution a scavenger hunt at a grocery store.  The store closest to the school is a Super Wal Mart so that was our destination.  I searched the net and came up with some ideas, but came up with even more leafing through the math books.  Some of the things I came up with were:

  • Add all the percentages for state and local sales tax calculate the price of a video game
  • Compare sugar content between two cereals
  • Compare the difference in price on differing sized packaging for the same product
  • Compare prices for generic vs. brand name
  • Find examples of solid geometric shapes
  • Use scales and calculate the price after weighing bananas
  • Find the originating countries for produce
  • Find all the colors of the rainbow in the produce section
  • Compare expiration dates on dairy to find the freshest
  • Evaluate the fat and sodium content in snack foods
  • Find all the types of sugar in drinks and compare the amounts
  • Find the diameter, radius and circumference of a frozen pizza and determine the fraction for one serving

There was more, but that is a sampling.  I don’t think anyone completely finished in the allotted time, but we did cover math, science and social studies.  In that exercise.  If this is of interest to anyone, I’m putting the worksheets I created in the download box on the right side of my Blog.

Next we went to the library were they divided the students into to groups K-5 and 6-9.  The library staff gave the kids a great overview of the services offered.  I stayed with the older kids and we started off with time in a computer lab where they were shown all the online resources offered by the library.  I thought I was a pretty intense library user, but I learned loads.  This library has a room especially for the teens.  Anyone below 6th grade or over 18 must check in at the desk to enter.  They had video games they could check out and use in there, same with laptops, resources especially for the teens.  My kids fell in love.  This isn’t the branch closest to home, but I have a feeling I’ll be stop by there more often.  At the library we covered language arts for the day.

Next we went to Fargo’s Pizza for lunch.  I had made reservations and pre-ordered.  They told me if I called while we were 5 minutes out they would put the pizza in when I called.  They were amazingly efficient and there was pizza left after everyone ate.  My only mistake was allowing the kids to go to the game room when they finished eating.  It took me longer than I expected to get them out of there and we ended up a few minutes behind schedule.

Since we were about 5 minutes late to the Olympic training center we missed the video at the start of the tour,  but were able to watch it after the tour.  The complex is pretty amazing and I would love to have just two lanes of their pool in my backyard — unfortunately, I don’t think it would fit.  The wrestling room was way too warm, but I learned they do that so the wrestlers muscles stay loose.  This stop in our trip covered PE.

The only thing we didn’t cover on the road was Bible class.  I hope the kids were a walking example of what they believe.

All in all it was a good day.  I think it might be time for a nap!




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28 04 2009

That sounds like a really fun day! I’ll have to download your scavenger hunt, I know two boys who spend too much time on the computer [ahem]. I think you deserve a nap after that day!

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