Whimsical or…?

21 04 2009

I’ve had my nose to the grind stone doing a rush quilting job.  Susan made this quilt from the pattern Simple Gifts by Mary Sorenson.  Susan’s request was that I do something whimsical.  I used designs from Irena Bluhm’s book Blooming Background Designs

I was trying to decide whether the quilting was actually “whimsical” or just over the top.  Ultimately it didn’t make any difference because I wasn’t tearing the stitching out. 

 I finished the quilt last night at about 8:30pm and delivered it this morning on my way to school.  Apparently the quilting was exactly what Susan envisioned as whimsical, so all is well.  Here are a couple pictures.



I used Isacord thread on the top (it quilted up beautifully and I used almost the whole 1000 m cone) and So Fine in the bobbin.



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21 04 2009
Vicki W

What a beatiful quilt and your quilting is perfect!

21 04 2009
Kathy E,

Very beautiful quilting, Sonya! That looks like a very labor-intensive quilt. It really is great!!


21 04 2009

Sonya, Beautiful and creative as usual.

23 04 2009

Sonya, I have just discovered your blog recently and I think I remember one night when visiting your entries I heard you say, I think on one of the tutorials, that you were going to give some names of some wonderful sites to get fonts from to save on your computer. Then for some reason I left my computer and never heard and now of course I have no idea where I heard this comment. I think it may have been in one of the applique tutorials. Can you help me with this? Your entries are incredible and I just regret that I can’t attend your classes. How would I purchase your videos? MIMI

2 05 2009

Your quilting is INSPIRATIONAL!! Simply lovely!

13 06 2009
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