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5 04 2009

My sister called a few minutes ago.  Since I assume most people reading what I write are crafters of some sort, I thought her story would amuse you.

The summer of 1986 Sheila worked teaching ceramics at Sunset Lake Camp.  If you’ve ever taught craft type classes, you know teachers need samples.  She made several different things, one of which was a mug which resembled blue jeans.  On the waistband tab she painted her name.  Of course the bottom of the mug also had her initials and the year.sheila-mug1

Years passed and as anyone who creates knows, we can’t keep everything we make.  Last fall she and her husband were going through boxes as they cleaned out their basement.  Among two loads hauled off to Goodwill was that mug.

Yesterday, Sheila and David stopped by my aunt’s house to drop of some things.  My sister’s birthday is this week.  My aunt brought out a bag and told her it was for her birthday.  Sheila said she didn’t need anything, but my aunt said it contained some UFOs she had been finishing.  When they got home Sheila placed the bag on the counter and began removing items.  There were embroidered towels, AND,you guessed it, among the towels was the mug Sheila made in 1986!

Apparently, there are just some things that are impossible to get rid of!




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5 04 2009

LOL – that’s hysterical!!!

10 04 2009

Read your blog this morning and almost split laughing! I am having a garage sale today and lets hope nothing returns!!
Miss you all—and all the latest news.

19 04 2009

That’s a kick! Hey–someone could make some $$ by senting that to RD.

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