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30 03 2009

I spent all my free time last week quilting one of my applique quilt tops.  I premarked the whole thing with blue marker so when I took it off the machine last night, I popped it into the washer with cold water to remove the marks.  If you are guessing the blue marks didn’t come out, you are incorrect.  They came out perfectly, however some of the red fabric bled in several places on the quilt!  Please don’t tell me this is why we should prewash.  I DID prewash the fabrics for this quilt and they still ran.  This is a quilt that has over a year invested in just the applique.

 I immediately turned to the Internet and started searching for fixes.  The first thing I tried was rewashing with Oxy Clean, since I had it on hand.  The marks lightened some.  I laid the quilt out on the floor and treated all the spots with Shout gel before I went to bed last night.  This morning as soon as everyone was out the door for work and school, I made a quick trip to King Soopers where I bought their last box of Shout Color Catcher.

Back home again, I filled the washer with hot water this time, 2 teaspoons of Synthrapol and two Shout Color Catcher sheets.  To my immense relief when I pulled it out of the washer all but one spot was gone and that last spot was a faint pink rather than bright red.  The quilt is spread on the floor again and when I get home this afternoon, I may try a bleach pen on that last spot.

I have no idea what I learned from thiis experience, unless it is keep trying.  It could get worse, but it could get better.  I was ready to pitch the whole thing in the trash last night, this morning things are looking up.  I’m willing again to do that bias binding for the scalloped edges.



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30 03 2009

AAAAAAAACK! The nightmare of every quilter! I’m so glad you got most of it out. Hope that last bit comes out ok!

31 03 2009

Synthrapol has saved two quilts for me – my daughter chose a burgundy to bind a quilt that hours had been spent on cross stitiching. I used synthrapol first with wonderful results. This past spring with our first grandchild my daughter sent me another quilt this time blue had faded all over and again the same process using synthrapol first solved my problems. This was fabric fading not the blue pencils (I’ve decided they can be lethal –
I’ve backed off using them.) Hope you have success.

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