Another Non-Fat Cupcake

29 03 2009

Today saw me in the kitchen again — not!  However, I did make another cupcake.  I took pictures along the way, so here is a short tutorial.  The pattern again is from Taylor Made Designs.  I did some things a little different than suggested by the directions.

The pattern called for cutting the fabric pieces and the interfacing separately.  For pieces this small I prefer to interface the fabric first, then cut the fabric and interfacing as one piece.


After cutting out the pieces the first step was to stack the two bottom circles on top of each other, draw a line down the middle and then partially stitch each end of the line.  The circles are then folded onto themselves to create the opening for turning and stuffing the cupcake.  I really liked this idea.



The ends of the side piece are stitched together and pressed open.   The side piece is folded in half with the seamline on one end and a fold on the other.  Mark the fold with a pin.  These two points will be matched to the seams on the bottom piece.  I put pins just in those two points and then stitched.  It is easiest to stitch if the circle is against the bed of the machine.  This is not particularly hard to do, however it is necessary to take one’s time.  I put the needle down and would then adjust my pieces every three or four stitches.  It may be necessary to make small clips in the seam allowance of the side piece as you go.cupcake-tutorial3

Here is a picture after the two sections are stitched together.


 Embellishments for the top of the cupcake are added before the top is sewn to the base.  There is a pattern for a yo-yo included in the instructions.  I prefer to make my yo-yos using the Clover yo-yo maker.  I have already posted a tutorial on using the yo-yo maker here so I won’t cover that again.


Once the embellishments are stitched to the top it is time to gather the edges of the top piece.  Usually patterns tell you to use a long basting stitch.  If you have ever been frustrated by the thread breaking while pulling up those stitches, this tip is for you.  Working in the seam allowance stitch a narrow zig zag over gimp.  Do not stitch through the gimp.   The gimp is much stronger and will not break while pulling up the gathers.


Divide both the top and bottom pieces into quarters and mark with pins.  Then pull up the gathers in the top to match the base.  Stitch the two pieces together.  Again take your time!  It isn’t that far around the cupcake so slow down and adjust the pieces as needed when stitching them together.


Once the pieces are stitched together turn the cupcake right side out through the bottom and stuff.  The pattern has good directions so I’m not going to cover that.  Once it is stuffed stitch the opening shut by hand.

Now the cake stand.  The hardest part about it was finding the pieces.  I found the candlestick base at a dollar store and finally found the top plate at Target, it is also a candle holder.  Once the pieces are clean, coat the top edge of the bottom piece with glue and carefully center the top plate.  Allow to dry.  This glue will adhere to glass.


Here we have the finished cupcake.  I’m making them for specific people so the colors are according to their preferences.





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