Spring Break?

16 03 2009

I don’t usually make lists (other than for grocery shopping), because I can generally remember everything.   However, Spring Break has arrived and I made a list.  Spending time at school this year has meant I put other things off.  Not always because I don’t have time, but because I’m just too tired or not motivated when I get home.  I made significant progress on my list today.  There is one project I got to mark off the list that I will show here. 

Over Thanksgiving break we retiled a bathroom.  At that time I said I needed to find the accessories to finish it off.  I looked all over town and never found an appropriate shower curtain.  I started hunting for fabric and finally found a some in January.  After I bought it, it just sat on my cutting table for weeks.  Last night I managed to cut the panels and start work.   This is the final result today.


 A shower curtain is actually a very simple project, but there were a couple things I thought were worth mentioning.  I’ve talked before about Sharon Schamber’s binding method using washable school glue.  Since watching her video, I’ve found other ways to use the glue as a temporary basting. 

 The fabric wasn’t wide enough for the whole curtain panel so I needed to match the pattern on the seam.  First I cut two matching repeats the length needed for the curtain.  Then I decided where I wanted to put the seam so the print matched.  I measured from the selvage and pressed down one long edge an equal distance.  Next I lined up the print and pinned the layers together.  Finally, I glue basted and pressed to hold everything together while I stitched.  I was able to stitch in the crease I made with the first pressing and everything matched up beautifully.

On this curtain I also used corded buttonholes.  There are a couple of reasons to use corded button holes.  In my opinion they look better than non corded buttonholes and they are sturdier.  A tutorial on the buttonholes is provided here, in case there is someone out there that isn’t familiar with them.  If you have a button hole foot that looks something like one of these, corded button holes are simple.  The foot on the left is from my Bernina and the one on the right from my Pfaff.  I just happened to use my Pfaff today.


I use gimp to cord my buttonholes, but you could use crochet cotton or pearl cotton expecially if you wanted to match the fabric.  The cord hooks over the little prongs on each end of the button hole foot. 


Put the foot on the sewing machine and line up the mark for the buttonhole under the foot and between the two lines of cord.  Then just stitch as usual.  The foot perfectly spaces the cord.


Once the buttonhole is stitched and you take the cord off the foot, it will look like this.


Pull on the tails of the cord to bury the loop in the button hole.


Thread the tails through a large eyed needle (I just happened to use a tapestry needle) and pull them to the back.


Once the tails are on the back tie them in a square knot (right over left, left over right — square knots don’t come untied as easily as granny knots). 


Finally cut off the excess gimp tail.  You could use some seam sealant on the ends if you wanted.


Voila, I have a custom shower curtain!




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