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2 03 2009

Over the last several years, I’ve been working on completing my collection of Isacord thread.  I’m almost there.  I thought I would share how I chose to store and organize it.  There might be someone out there in cyber land that gets and idea from it. 

I store this thread in rolling draws.  That way I can roll it near the machine when I am working.  This is one of the drawer units.  They are not all the same, because I bought them over a period of time.  When buying a unit I took along a cone of thread to be sure it would stand up in the shallowest drawers.


Once I had the drawers I need to find a way to keep the thread organized in them.  I chose to use the rubbery shelf liner.  I then went one step further.  Using an exacto knife I cut holes from the shelf liner.  I used the bottom of the cones as a guide.  This means the cones sit down in the circles.  For a long time that was the extent of the organizing.  I had the cones in numerical order.  As the thread stash increased it became more difficult to place the thread back in the correct spot after a project.  So the next step was to buy small stickers and number each space.  I could have written directly on the drawers with permanent marker, however if new colors are added I can move or replace the stickers.  Here is a picture inside one drawer.


While working on this post, I thought of one more thing I may do.  Label the outside of the drawer with the numbers contained in it.  Finally here is a picture of the filled drawer.


By the way Isacord thread is great for more than just embroidery machines.  It quilts beautifully on my longarms.  I has loads of fun using it for thread painting.  It is also strong enough it could be used for seams.




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2 03 2009

Thanks for the great hints on organizing. I have the rolling drawers, but have used plastic mesh and glued golf tees on them. This does keep the thread from rolling around, but is less accurate for being able to place the cones back where they belong. I may think about a combo method!

5 03 2009

Fantastic idea!!! Love it!

21 04 2010

Thanks for the idea, I am searching for ways to store my thread. I wonder if your spools fall over and if its difficult to see the thread colors, but you have given me some ideas.

28 02 2012

That looks great. Good idea.

5 03 2012
Brenda Travis

I love your ideas for storing thread and I have never thought of using the Isacord in my longarm machine. Well I guess I will have to continue getting my threads colors from Isacord then huh?


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