Beware – Blog Reading Can be Hazardous to Your Project List

11 01 2009

I caught up with reading all the blogs I track over the week-end.  (I use Bloglines to track them so I don’t have to physically visit each one to see if there is new content.)  A couple of blogs mentioned other blogs offering free Block of the Month programs in 2009.  I will probably end up doing both of the ones I stumbled upon.  The first one is called A Tisket A Tasket 12 Months of Baskets and is being offered by Bunny Hill Designs

Again the snowman drew me in.  I’m going to try to do this one all from fabric I already own.  I had a background fabric that would work and the rest of the pieces will be small so we’ll see how it goes.  I did most of the block last night.  It really is a simple design.  here is how mine came out.


The pattern suggested buttons on the garland and I substituted extra small yo-yos using the Clover yo-yo maker.  By the way the extra small yo-yos are harder to make look good than the bigger ones.

I’m ready for the next pattern, but will have to wait until next month.




2 responses

12 01 2009

your snowman basket applique block is very cute!

26 02 2009

this is going to be such a cute series of blocks!

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