Show and Tell a Motivator

7 01 2009

Show and Tell can indeed be a motivator.  Today was our monthly Quilter’s Anonymous meeting. I only needed to put the last border on two sides of this Quilt and another UFO top would be finished.  I already had the borders cut to size so I ran downstairs first thing this morning and finished this top. (This was the second project I almost finished on Christmas Eve.)


The pattern is called “Warm Wishes” and it was in an older Quiltmaker magazine.  The full pattern is now available for free online.  Mine didn’t come out quite how I had intended.  The red strips are too similar in color to the focus fabric.  However, it is still a nice Christmas quilt.

It has been about a year since I made my UFO list, and I think I need to revisit my progress on that list.  If you just look at it on my sidebar, it looks like I haven’t done much.  However, 23 of those UFOs are now ready to be quilted and I have worked on several of the others over the last year.  I do have a few new projects that need to be added, but I’ve done way more in the last year on old projects than in the 10 previous years.  I’ll keep pluggin’ away.




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