I Swore I wouldn’t!

30 12 2008

Our trip to Portland, OR was uneventful on Christmas Day.  Apparently, we chose the right day to fly in.  Other than the freeways, the roads were still pretty miserable.  The whole family made it to Sheila’s house and Jesse was relieved to finally open presents Christmas night.

I brought along my computer to work on some digitizing, but it has sort of become a community computer.  I’ve read several books that I could download from the library and I started getting antsy.  I just don’t sit well with nothing to do (besides cook and eat). 

Yesterday we wandered out to the Clackamas Town Center, then the women stopped at Fabric Depot and finally at Craft Warehouse.  I was looking for a small project to keep me busy, and that wouldn’t be terribly expensive.  Finally at Craft Warehouse I found it.  I really debated about whether to proceed or not.  I’ve sworn for the last couple of years I would not get into wool.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is beautiful.  However, it would be one more thing to collect in my stash.  What did I end up buying?  A pattern for a wool candle mat and the wool felt, floss, needles and beads to make it.  I have succumbed!

This morning I woke up and started my project and by this evening it was finished.  I may need to make a second one so they can be a pair.


The pattern is from Bareroots and if you have been following my recent posts, you will see why I was pulled in — SNOWMEN!  It was really very easy and fun — Uh Oh — there are more candle mat patterns, I think I have fallen.




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12 01 2009
Creative Busy Hands

I loved it! It is so cute. the felt, the beads. I will sure check the pattern. Thanks for sharing it.

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