One way to have Snow

24 12 2008

I finished up a customer quilt this morning (no it isn’t for Christmas) and took the rest of the day to play.  Since we are flying out tomorrow afternoon to my sister’s, I don’t have to get anything ready for Christmas except packing a suitcase.

I took the opportunity to work on some unfinished projects.  I finished one top and almost made it through a second.  So far the winter has been very mild here, and this project was one way to have enough snow for snowmen.


This quilt top was made from the Crabapple Hill pattern Winter Wonderland.  So ends another top.  I’ll show the other project when I get the last borders on it.




3 responses

10 01 2011

I love that you did it in blue! I am working on the same pattern in red right now, and I think I like yours better lol!

24 07 2015

I am going to be making this quilt and have decided to make it in blue like yours. Do you remember what color of floss you used for the embroidery? Thanks for your help!

5 09 2015

Renea, I’m fairly certain the floss was DMC 797, but honestly I just chose one I liked and thought I could find fabric to coordinate.

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