Are We Finished?

20 12 2008


stacked-snowmenI started these guys last Saturday night, too. ( It should be obvious by now I have a short attention span.)  I worked on them a little bit each night until early Thursday morning when I put what might be the finishing touches on them. 

The pattern is from Sweet Dreams Patterns.  I picked it up at some quilt show over the last few years.  I realized when I was pulling up the link I have several of the patterns and have already made a few.  I also found another one I “need!”  I followed the pattern for the most part, but improvised if I didn’t have the correct supplies.  The pattern said to sew the buttons on after stuffing the snowmen.  I maybe crazy, but I’m not going to that much trouble.  I tied bits of pearl cotton through the button holes and glued them on.  Also the wire for the ear muffs was just supposed to be a black 16 gauge wire.  I didn’t have that, but I did have silver wire and instead of one strand, I wrapped it around the handle of a wooden spoon to make the ear muffs.  I thought I was going to have mutiny on my hands when I went to put the second snowman on top of it.  All three males in the house were opposed and thought the snowmen should stay separate to save the spring.  I vetoed the vote.  I bought the pattern because I LIKED the stack!  The snowmen are supposed to have twig arms, but I think I like them without.  Finally there was supposed to be a rusty tin star on the top hat.  Apparently, rusty tin is no longer in.  I couldn’t find any anywhere I looked in town.  That’s alright, he looks fine without it.  So are they finished, probably because I’ll be moving on to something else  to fit my attention span.




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20 12 2008
Sheila Kellogg

You can always get rusty tin from Dad! 🙂

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