Customer Quilts

8 12 2008

When Ann dropped off her quilt  I had just finished the first quilt I’m going to show.  I promised her I would post the picture.  I may be slow, but I try to follow through on what I promise.  It seemed a good excuse to show the last few quilts I’ve finished for customers.

This first one was made by Pat.  Ruth’s Stitchery used the Crabapple Hill Studio pattern Winter Wonderland for one of their block parties this year.  There were some people who either could not or would not do the handwork.  Pat was one of these and she substituted machine embroidery for the center blocks.


I quilted this next quilt for Jane, however, she did not make it.  A friend made it for her and she warned me it wasn’t perfect.  This quilt absolutely would not lay flat and I was using one of the thin battings from Quilter’s Dream.  This is the first time I’ve ever done a full float.  I was hoping that would help control the fullness.  This quilt was just a headache and was on the machine WAY too long!  All the quilting is freehand however I did use Pam Clarke’s Designs with Lines Basic 8 template to mark guides.  I wanted to quilt in the arcs, but the fullness there would have only been accentuated by any quilting.  So I only quilted where the arcs met.



Finally, the quilt Ann was dropping off when she saw the Winter Wonderland quilt.  I believe the pattern is Jewel box and I quilted it with Meandering Magic .  The design I choose just sucked up the thread, but the quilting was way more fun than the previous quilt!





4 responses

9 12 2008
Vicki W

You’ve been busy! These are all beautiful.

9 12 2008
Brenda J

Gorgeous job, as usual!! I don’t know how you get so much done!

12 12 2008

how do you decide which quilting design to use? intuition?

12 12 2008
Caron Mosey

Very pretty feathers on “Jewel Box”. All quilts are lovely!

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