Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

26 08 2008

I’ve been getting phone calls from family and emails from friends.  They are wondering if I am still alive, since I haven’t blogged for a few weeks.  I’m still here.  I’ve embarked on a new “adventure.”  I went back to school last week, but not as a student.  I’m teaching English and Math for grades 3-5 and PE for grades K-9.  So for the two weeks before school started, I was working on putting together a class room and creating lesson plans.  Last week and this, I’m trying to keep my head above water.  The BIG challenge is to get the students to care about their work!

I am still working on creative projects as time permits, and have another tutorial in the works.  I just haven’t had time to devote here recently.  I will get back in the blog swing, just maybe not quite as frequently.




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26 08 2008
Brenda J

Wow, that is a job committment! I’m sure you’ll be great at it. I was getting worried about you too……

Good luck with the teaching, and keep us posted!

26 08 2008
Robyn Kirk. New Zealand

We miss you but understand the dedication of natural born teachers. You are, you know, and you can teach absolutely ANYONE about their embroidery machines and how they work. I know this because until I saw you on video I couldn’t get my computer to ORDER the machine to do anything. Thanks and remember your public appreciate all you do for us. I just wish I lived somewhere near you instead of this little country ‘down under’.
Cheers Robyn New Zealand

2 09 2008

I wish you the best this coming school year. I just spent a week with my daughter (teacher-Sr. High)that adopted a little girl from China last year and sometimes its overwhelming so I visit about every 5 weeks and play catch-up on the home front for her. She appreciates having a meal on the table etc., hey anything to spend time with our first granddaughter. Glad you are back – thanks for all you do.

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