I’m a Winner!

18 07 2008

I almost missed the Ruth’s Stitchery 24th anniversary sale last week-end.  Last year it was in August and I was anticipating it sometime in a similar time frame.  Fortunately, I called a customer to deliver a quilt and she said she had expected to see me at Ruth’s that morning.  I asked her why I would be there and she told me it was the first day of the sale.  I was there in less than an hour.

 I wait for Ruth’s twice yearly sales to buy backings for the quilt tops I finish.  Because it was her 24th anniversary, just about everything in the store was at least 24% off.  They  pulled several hundred bolts of fabric and put them in a classroom.  Those were 40% off, or 50% if you finished the bolt.  That is where I buy my backings.

There was also a door prize drawing.  The only prize I saw was a sewing machine.  I entered and a couple of days ago I received a call telling me I’d won a door prize.  (Not the sewing machine, which I don’t need anyway.)  I won a piece of hand dyed fabric from Lunn Studio.  I made it into the store this morning for applique study group and picked up my prize.

Here it is straight out of the package.

I’m thinking this could make a very interesting whole cloth quilt.




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