16 07 2008

I’m helping out with Vacation Bible School this week.  I’m not a big fan of the Group programs, but if that is what we are going to do this is one of the better ones.  The theme this year is “Jerusalem Marketplace.”  I semi volunteered to do the Weaver’s shop.  Each person was responsible for decorating their own booth.  I actually pulled my loom out and am using it for a prop/demo.  It isn’t from Bible times, but the kids are having fun trying it out.  The interesting thing is the boys and men seem to be the ones most fasinated with it.

I snapped this picture of my “shop” a couple nights ago.  It is not me in the picture.

It is sad to think I haven’t had the loom warped up since we moved here and Guy purchased my first quilting machine.  Jesse couldn’t remember the last time I did weaving.  He tested it for me when I warped it up and thought it was really cool.  I may have to warp it up with something better than the Thrift store yarn I used for VBS when it comes home.  He might learn a hobby other than video games!



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28 07 2008

“He might learn a hobby other than videogames!” I resent that statement.

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