In Your Own Backyard

12 07 2008

I’m sure gas prices have put a crimp in many people’s summer travels.  We really didn’t have anything big planned for this summer anyway, but rising prices are definitely a factor in our running around.

Just maybe, there are great things waiting for you in your own “backyard.”  We have a wonderful bike trail system in our area and can get on a trail right outside our neighborhood.  (The same trail with the tunnel of doom which I rode through today for the first time since my accident.)  The weather was a little cooler, and we decided to take a ride.  The America the Beautiful Park was dedicated in 2006, but we had never been closer than the freeway running by it. 

So our goal was to ride to the park.  That goal meant traveling parts of the bike trail we hadn’t ridden before.  The bike trail was beautiful.  It ran past/through two other parks and behind Colorado College.  Here is a shot during a rest break.

We made it to the park.  The big attraction there is a rotating fountain.

At intervals it fills with water and showers it back down.

Can you believe, the park planners didn’t expect people to get in that fountain?  They had to redo the filtration system after they realized the draw.  There were significant numbers of people playing in the fountain today.  The boys joined them and were completely soaked for the ride home.

As many of you know, Katherine Lee Bates was inspired to write “America the Beautiful” while at the top of Pikes Peak.  There is a large monument in the park which has the words to the song.

You can indeed see Pikes Peak from the park.  In this last picture it is in the distance on the left.

Our trip was somewhere between 13.5 and 14.9 miles.  It depends upon whose odometer you believe.  While I still have a lump on my leg, I made it with no problem if you don’t count a sunburn.  Jesse was not pleased (since the trip home was mostly up hill), but everyone else enjoyed it.

So what can you find to do in your backyard?



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