The Plan Comes to Fruition

2 07 2008

On June 11 I said the yo-yos I showed in my tutorial were part of a plan to calm down the Stack ‘N’ Whack blocks I made.  So what did I do with 30 yo-yos?  Drum roll …

I made 15 of these blocks to alternate with the Stack ‘N’ Whack blocks.  I hadn’t intended to do the applique by hand. However,  since I’ve spent so much time in the last three weeks with my leg propped, it was easier to do it by hand.  You already saw how I made the yo-yos.  I made the stems with a Clover bias tape maker and the leaves I drew on freezer paper and used for a pattern.

I finished the quilt top at about 11:45 last night.  So did my plan work to calm down the blocks?

I think so.  I think it shifted the focal point from those busy blocks to the cherries.  The Stack ‘N’ Whack blocks now play second fiddle to the applique blocks.



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2 07 2008
Vicki W

Well, look at that! It’s terrific! The cherry blocks really bring that quilt together.

2 07 2008

That is too cute! Very clever use of yo-yos.
Judi S

29 10 2012

THAT USE of yo-yois cute.I understand what you are saying. But thats not what i meant . I WAS THINKING OF A ACTUAL YO-yo quilt. whole yo-yo.
Say you have 100 yo-yos that are connected together
^0^o^o^o^o^o^o^o^o^o^o^o^o^o^o^o^o^o its the ^ spots I am trying to fill in.
say your whole quit top is all yo-yos you don’t want your batting showing so what do you do to fill in those places?

29 10 2012

Most yo yo “quilts” for lack of a better word don’t have batting in them. They are more of a bedspread. Some are placed on a solid backing. I suppose if you wanted it to be a quilt, you could back the yo yos, then add batting and another backing. It would have to be tacked together then or quilted some how, not a typical yo yo coverlet.

There is a gorgeous vintage coverlet on The Consummate Amateur’s site with a great write up describing the coverlet.

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