New Refrigerator — Second Time a Charm?

2 07 2008

On  June 18 I mentioned our refrigerator had died and we had to buy a new one.  The new was delivered on June 24.  We were living out of a cooler in the days in between.  Unfortunately, even though we had measured, the new refrigerator didn’t fit. It was too big by about 1/4″.  I had them leave it anyway since Guy could make modifications to the space when he got home.  The delivery men semi installed it.  They put most of it together and left it in front of the hole.

When Guy got home he removed the plywood panel from the end of the cabinetry and now the refrigerator would fit and breathe much better.  He went to level the fridge and found that one foot hadn’t been put on.  We found it with the freezer baskets.  So he lifted as much as he could and I was down on the floor trying to get that foot threaded on in the short amounts of time he could hold it up this monster.  We thought we were home free at that point.  There is a filter for the ice and water and when he tried to install it absolutely would not fit!  Just to be sure it wasn’t us he took the filter and went back to the store.  It went into the model refrigerators with no problem. 

The salesman gave us two options.  Wait for about two weeks for a repairman or have another new refrigerator in 5-7 days.  We opted for the new refrigerator.  So this afternoon it was delivered.  I told the delivery man about the problem with the old fridge and he had to try the filter.  It didn’t work for him either.  So before he brought the new one in he went to the truck and checked to be sure that one worked.  It did.  I kept hearing how big this refrigerator was when they were taking the old out and bringing the new in. 

It is big and a different style from the old.  We bought a refrigerator with french doors and the freezer on the bottom.  I’m going to love it!  On occasion I cook for large groups and had a horrible time fitting large dishes in the old side by side.  I also use the refrigerator much more frequently than the freezer and now everything in the frige is at eye level.

Here is a shot of the inside just as we were starting to load it.

In the nine years we’ve lived in this house we’ve had to replace the washer, dish washer, oven and refrigerator.  Guy is convinced the appliances talk to each other, and we are hoping the old refrigerator didn’t say anything to the water heater on the way out the door.




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