Another Stack ‘N’ Whack

30 06 2008

I still haven’t put all those Stack ‘N’ Whack UFOs away so I pulled this one and finished the top this morning.  I had everything finished except the borders.  I probably made this in 1999, I know it wasn’t any later.  This is from “Stack ‘N’ Whackier” quilts.  I was on Bethany Reynolds’ email list at the time, and volunteered to test a pattern for her new book.  This just happens to be the one I did.  The fabric need to have symmetrical designs and this is what I found to use.

This makes another one for the “to be quilted pile.”  That means that over a third of my UFOs are ready for quilting.




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30 06 2008

I like this one too. How nice to be finishing these up and getting them ready for quilting. You’re making a lot of progress.

30 06 2008

Wow that is beautiful!

1 07 2008
Sarah Stevens

I like that the sashing looks like leading for stained glass windows. Finishing Ufos is kind of like eating potato chips – kinda hard to quit after just one!

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