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14 06 2008

Some of you may have noticed when I mention going to church it is on Saturday.  Yes, Saturday is the Sabbath I observe.  I have been a leader in the children’s Sabbath Schools almost constantly since the boys arrived on the scene.  For the last few years I’ve lead the Juniors which are pretty much ages 10-12.  One of the favorite things for the young people in that class is games.  It seems their most favorite game is Bible Jeopardy.  I started making categories for the game when I was leading the 7-9 year olds and have just kept adding as I thought of new categories or wanted to review a previous week’s lesson.  There are two boys that have been in my classes almost constantly since I started doing this game and they know almost every answer.  They are good friends, but I can’t let them be on the same team or that team has a very unfair advantage!

As you know from previous posts, I’m not moving too well.  Therefore, I won’t be going to church today.  The assitant leader is out of town so POG (Poor Old Guy) is leading for me.  He was not thrilled with the idea.  I got up early this morning and added a categorey to Jeopardy that has been bouncing around in my head — Bible Math.  I managed to include division, multiplication, addition, percentages and geometry in my five questions.  I may add some more categories while I’m sitting here alone.

 I counted up the categories I have right now, and there are 40.  Some have more than 5 questions.  If I come up with extra, I just layer the questions.  I use a large bulletin board and thumb tacks for the game.  I thought there might be someone out there in cyber land that would be interested so, I’m adding the word file to the download box on the right side of this blog.




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14 06 2008

Me me me! Jumping up and down raising my hand 😉 Thanks! That’s a cool box… I have not seen that before. Thanks!!! And I hope the healing goes faster than 4-6 weeks. I can not imagine trying to stay off my feet very long at all!!! Thank you again for sharing the jeopardy!!!!!!!

14 06 2008
Sarah Stevens

I just finished the download and looked at many of the categories and questions–great work!! Thanks for sharing. I know this will be useful as I teach Sunday School classes.

I hope your mending time goes well. Sometimes I think the soft tissue injuries are worse than a real broken bone.

15 06 2008
Brenda J

Love the Bible game, and glad to hear things are going a bit better in the recovery area. Glad you are getting something done by hand, but you are so busy, I’m sure it is HARD being down! Sending wishes for a quick recovery!

19 07 2008
Emerson P (Cayman Islands)

Happy Sabbath. I love the Jeopardy game! It is a great in-a-pinch un-pincher. I needed a game for AY today and this is it! Thank you and I pray the healing power of the Comforter in your life. God bless.

1 06 2009

i was wondering if you could send me the bible jeopardy download
i can’t seem to find it on your page in a download box??


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