Update on the injured

13 06 2008

The ugly thing on my leg kept getting bigger.  I went to bed on Wednesday at 10:30, but still wasn’t asleep by 2:00 am.  My leg felt like it was going to explode.   The swelling now had the curvature of a soccer ball (it wasn’t sticking out that far.)  Guy got up and called the nurse hotline and they gave the usual response — go to the Emergency Room.  I had taken two Excederin and no relief.  I tried some Vicoden I had left from when I had a root canal — no change.  So we got in the car and went to the ER.  Thankfully as far as I could tell Wednesday night wasn’t terribly busy — the staff disagreed.  The doctor going off shift ordered a Percocet and X-rays.  By the time they came to get me for the X-rays the Percocet was starting to work and I could have finally gone to sleep.  Guy was calling it “better living through chemicals.”  The X-rays didn’t reveal any break, I was pretty sure that would be the case. 

I was told that they are concerned about that much bleeding because it can cause problems with other veins and arteries.  They made sure I had sensation my toes and told me if I lost sensation come back immediately.  I’m supposed to stay off my feet for a few days and was warned gravity may have an effect and the ugliness could move all the way to my ankle.  We stopped by the pharmacy and picked up more Percocet and I took one at 4:45 am and finally went to sleep.  I woke up the first time at about 11:00 and the drugs had made me sick to my stomach which I continued to be for much of the day.  At about 4:00pm I finally got up and moved to the couch for the duration.  I watched most of the first season of House of Eliott (I finished it this morning).  As long as I stayed off the leg the pain was now bearable so no more drugs!

Gravity is still not kind when I stand up so it looks like more lazing around for a few days.  I did manage to finish my yo-yos last night and have worked on embroidery this morning.  I must admit, I’m getting very tired of sitting or lying down and am not sure how much longer I will tolerate it.  I am not a good patient and for this to completely heal it will be easily 4-6 weeks, but I don’t have to stay down that long.




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15 06 2008

You poor thing, get some rest, and take care of that leg…. Make then men of the house pamper you….. Keep us posted on your progress… Saying a prayer or two for you….

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