The Bike Path WON!!

11 06 2008

I came home too late from teaching embroidery club to get some bills in the mailbox.  Nolan is always up for a bike ride and Jesse needs the exercise so he was forced.  We were going to ride to the post office until we got outside and realized how windy it was.  I decide instead to ride to a mail box in a small shopping center less than a mile away. 

We have an outstanding network of bike trails and one of them picks up just below our neighborhood.  On the bike trail there is a tunnel that goes under a very busy road.  It is a fairly long tunnel for a bike path, but it does have 5 fairly dim lights in it.  It usually isn’t an issue.  However, today I was wearing my sun glasses and my eyes did not adjust quickly enough to the low light level.  About 1/3 of the way through the tunnel, I realized I couldn’t see much besides the light at the other end and the bulbs in the tunnel.  Just as that thought passed through my head my handle bar caught on the corrugated metal of the wall.  I’m not sure exactly what happened at that point.  My bike was side ways in the tunnel and I was down on my right side sort of wrapped around the bike.  Both boys were behind me and I was more concerned that they would be coming too fast to stop than anything else.  They stopped in time.  I got back to my feet and pushed the bike through to the other side.  The handle bar was turned sideways compared to the wheel, one handle was pointing forward and one backward.  The break levers and handlebars were also all scrapped up and the speedometer/odometer was ground off.  I realized later the chain was derailed.  I have road rash on my shoulder, elbow and leg and at the time I realized I had a goose egg sized bump on my thigh.  While I waited I sent the boys on to mail my bills.  Then I walked home while they rode.  I got an allen wrench when we got home and straightened the handle bars, put the chain back on and did a very short test ride.   Then I came in and worked on cleaning up my damage.

I’m now sitting with an ice pack on my elevated leg.  The bump on my leg fills my hand and is turning black.  I will not post a picture it is too gross!  The whole right side of my body is stiff and stings.  It is now painful to walk.  I guess I won’t be pinning that quilt on the machine today afterall.



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11 06 2008

Re the bike path… won a battle, not the war. I don’t think for a moment you tackle that path as soon as you can move!!! So sorry to hear you took a tumble.

Am anxiously waiting to see what comes from your stack and whack!

12 06 2008

Good Heavens—sounds like you have yourself a bit of a hematoma on the leg—just keep it iced and watch it. Sounds like you can get a lot of hand stitching done for a while.

12 06 2008

Bummer! Hope you heal fast! Make the boys spoil you and then it will heal faster 😉

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