Double Happy Birthday Nolan

7 06 2008

Fourteen years ago today, Nolan arrived on the scene as our first born.  On that day, I could finally breathe again and get excited about having a baby.  Just a little over a year before that date my first pregnancy ended at 20 weeks when the sonogram revealed the baby had died.  In late October I realized I was pregnant again and we waited much longer this time to tell anyone.  Even after letting people know, I still did my best to avoid getting excited.  I didn’t count on actually having this baby until he was in my arms.  It was far from a smooth pregnancy.  At 32 weeks I was put on bed rest for the duration because of my blood pressure.  At 35 weeks I was sent to the hospital to stay,  again because of high blood pressure. At 36 weeks the doctor forced the issue and induced labor.   It took Nolan’s birth to heal the grief from the first loss and he more than did the job.

From the day Nolan was born, he did not want to sleep alone.  The books say let the baby cry, they will eventually give up and accept their crib.  Hah!  Nolan would cry for hours if he had to be alone.  He really didn’t want to sleep.  When he was a few months older, he didn’t want to nap.  I had to lie down with him, and hold him there until he fell asleep.  Other than not wanting to sleep he was a pure joy.  He was a happy baby and he would sit and let me read to him for hours.  He always wanted to be where the action was taking place.  At six months old he stayed up on New Year’s Eve to see the old year out and the new in.  He was absolutely slap happy by the time he went to bed.

I can’t believe 14 years have passed.  He is turning into an exceptional young man.  We couldn’t be prouder of him.

Today he made public the most important decision of his life.  He chose to be baptized symbolizing his decision to follow Jesus.  So today is doubly his birthday — his physical birth and his spiritual rebirth.  Not the best picture, but from the pews of the church it was the best I could get.

Nolan, I pray that you stand by the decision you made today for the rest of your life.  We love you!


— Elements for Scrapbook page are from the following sources ; and Jen Caputo ( available at Scrapbook Graphics.  It is possible I don’t have the source for all of the papers.  I was organizing the papers and thought I had added the designer to the file information, but some are missing.



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8 06 2008
Brenda J

What a wonderful double birthday! You almost made me cry. I’m happy for you all. May the peace of Christ be with you always.

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