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6 06 2008

As you may have noticed I haven’t posted for a week.  Not because anything is wrong, I just didn’t have anything blog worthy.  The funny thing is I’ve been hearing from friends and even my husband that I need to put up a new post.  I guess I understand, as there are certain blogs I read, that I notice when there hasn’t been a new post in a few days.

I admit I wasted a few days this week.  On Sunday I was playing around on our local library’s web site and checked out the elibrary.  I downloaded the software and checked out a few books.  Here I must insert that I have a problem with books.  Once I start reading one, if I like it at all, I keep reading nonstop until I have finished it.  I read 5 ebooks between Sunday and Wednesday afternoons.  So now you know why I had nothing blog worthy.

Wednesday morning we had our monthly Quilter’s Anonymous meeting.  Bobbie brought a quilt top she had done basically with the Stack n’ Whack method.  Some would consider it a four patch posy , but I’m pretty sure Bethany Reynoldshad the directions in one of her book for a four patch Stack n’ Whack long before the four patch posy pattern came out.  Anyway, I’ve made lots of Stack n’ Whack blocks.  In fact if you check my UFO list you will see many are Stack n’ Whacks.  The reason there are so many of them still UFOs is because I love making the blocks to see how each new block will turn out.  I’m not as fond of setting the blocks in the quilt.

So Bobbie showed her quilt top and the whole group was inspired to try it out.  I came home and Wednesday night pulled out a piece of fabric I bought 10-12 years ago.  All I needed was something with four repeats and I stacked the layers exactly as Bethany directs for a Stack n’ Whack.  I didn’t use a pattern and just decided what size block was optimum to cut from that repeat.  I put the blocks together that night and had hoped I would be able to pull sashing from my stash, but no such luck.  So I picked up fabric yesterday and here is the finished quilt top.

Here are some close ups of a few of the blocks.


I was considering donating this quilt to Quilts of Valor, but it isn’t big enough.  It also isn’t patriotic.  So maybe when it is finished I will donate it to the boys school for an auction.



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6 06 2008


7 06 2008

Oh I like that – all the blocks are so different! I am impressed that you just came home and did this… it might be a year long project for me!

8 06 2008

You are awesome! I got my fabric yesterday and cannot wait for Tuesday!

8 06 2008

Congratulations on your decision! How proud you must be.

And I know your parents are just as proud.


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