School’s Out for Summer!!!

30 05 2008

The boys got out of school for the summer today at noon.  We have been counting down days almost the whole last quarter.  They didn’t use their snow days this year, so they got out a few days earlier than scheduled.  Not only have we been counting school days, this last week we have been counting hours remaining.  I noticed on the white board this morning it was minutes!

The boys go to a very small private school which means there are multiple grades in one class room.  When they first started school, I wasn’t excited by that idea, but it has turned out to be beneficial.  Nolan was in a class with 7th, 8th and 9th grade this year.  Typically the 8th grade raises money for a class trip of some sort.  The 7th graders also raised  money.  There were only three 8th graders and they didn’t raise much money.  Rather than a formal graduation they had a gathering at a local Pizza parlor, ate, received diplomas and played games.  Nolan was in 7th grade and has apparently reached the age where he no longer wants his parents crashing his parties.  We dropped him off on Wednesday night and when we picked him up the teacher had agreed to have her whole class to her house on Thursday night.  The plan was for the girls to spend the night and the boys to come home at some point in time.  Yesterday morning, Nolan called from school and gave me a list of things to bring in the afternoon, including a sleeping bag.  They worked it out so the boys pitched a tent in the back yard and spent the night as well.

The class played laser tag yesterday afternoon, and when I stopped by to drop Nolan’s stuff off they were headed to Walmart to buy food for the evening.

When I got to school at noon today, I asked Nolan what time he went to bed.  1:00? — Later, 2:00? — Later, 3:00? Later — I don’t want to know.  I went in and talked to his teacher.  Apparently, they ate like normal teenagers, and she let them have junk for their party.  She bought four cases of soda pop, baked cookies, was making cucumber swiss sandwiches that were being eaten faster than she could prepare them.  I don’t remember what all they had, but I’m sure I would have loved it at their age.   She made them come out of the hot tub at 10:30 in consideration of the neighbors.  Apparently, they watched movies and talked until 4:00am.  Then she got them up again at 8:00 for school.  Since she had the whole class they came in late.

Nolan was absolutely zonked!  On the way home I told him to take a nap as soon as we got home.  He was concerned about his Friday chores (Friday is the day we clean house!)  I told him the chores could wait until he woke up.  He went straight to bed and he is out.  I even vacuumed in his room and he didn’t stir.  I couldn’t even do that when he was a baby.

As payment for his “wild” partying, I snapped a picture of him after I vacuumed.  Poor tired kid.  I guess he had fun.



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31 05 2008
Cre8tive Quilter

giggle, so will he kill you when he sees this picture? Hey, I wasn’t pointing you out in my “part 2 post.” Honstly, it was the “anonomoyus” person that just sent me over the edge. I really need to learn that anonomoyus comments are left just to be snarky and move on.

31 05 2008

WOW – he really is out. That sounds like a great time though – all the kids probably really enjoyed themselves!

5 06 2008

And now it’s been so long I think you are just taunting us.

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