Up & Running Mid week assignments combined

24 05 2008

I was a little behind on getting to my mid week assignments for both this week and last week.  Last week we were supposed to use some white paper we were given and some brushes.  We were also supposed to use multiple photos.  This week we were supposed to use a downloaded template.  Rather than come up with two layouts, I cheated and combined the requirements into one layout.   I liked the white paper (which looks a little blue to me), but five different sheets of it in the template was just too blah.  So I used brushes to dress up a couple of the sheets.

I’m having fun finding all sorts of free downloads.  Try doing a search for Photoshop brushes and you would be amazed how many freebies are out there.  I’m also playing with fonts. 

Anyway, what to do with white paper?  White = wedding.  So I scanned in some over 20 year old wedding photos and this is what I came up with.

The paper is from Amy Teets who designs for A Cherry on Top. The brushes used were from Katie Pertiet of Designer Digitals and embroidery brushes designed by Luminicity and distributed by PS Brushes.net.  The template was designed by Jen Caputo of Studio Girls Scrapbookgraphics.

My only question, who are those skinny kids?




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