A Gamer I am Not, but …

23 05 2008

My children will be the first to tell you I consider video games a waste of time.  It seems I’m constantly telling them to take a break, to quit staring at screens.  Most of the time I would happily toss the game systems and the games in the trash. 

I think I have already written that the boys will not be allowed to game during the days this summer.  Wednesday on the way to the orthodontist Nolan asked if that rule applied to Wii Fit.  That reminded me that the game had just been released that morning.  We swung into Target to see if they had any.  Sure enough one whole end unit display.  The boys agreed to each pay $20 and I paid the rest. 

This morning was the first chance I had to try it out.  After three miles on the Nordic Track, Jesse (who was home sick) got me started with Wii Fit.  First he felt I needed to create a Mii that resembled me.  He was not pleased with what I created.  Remember this is the boy that had definite ideas about exactly how Mr. Potato Head should look when he was two.  Then I set up my profile and did my fitness test.  This thing weighs you, calculates your BMI based on your weight and the height you enter (I should have cheated and added a few inches to my height then my BMI would have been better).  It also tests your balance.  There are four parts to the “game” — yoga, aerobics, strength training, and balance games.  There are a few unlocked in each section when you start.  I played two or three in each area.  The game tracked 24 minutes of workout time.  That did not include the practice time with my “personal trainer.”  After I picked Nolan up from school he informed me I can input my offline exercise time in the activity log. 

It appears there may finally be a good reason for a game system.  I now have my own personal gym and trainer.




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24 05 2008

Thank you for reviewing this. I have been seriously thinking of getting it and I really like your review.Thanks!

27 05 2008

Wow that sounds really cool… I will remember to add a few inches if I can convince the boys to get one.. they are hooked on Star Wars Lego at the moment!

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