New Bike

9 05 2008

Jesse’s new bike came today.  Both boys had really out grown their bikes last year.  It seems all they do is grow, and we held out as long as possible.  Nolan got a new bike during Spring Break.

 Jesse hates to shop for just about anything, but Guy finally drug him to the bike shop last Sunday.  Guy told me Jesse wasn’t getting excited about anything until they showed him a RED bike that was too big.  That’s why it had to be ordered.  We wanted the bikes before summer vacation, because the boys have been told they don’t get any type of video games during the day this summer.  We have wonderful bike trails that start just outside our neighborhood.  My goal is to ride with them in the mornings before the thunder storms start.

The boys have been asking me what I want for Mother’s day and my response is nothing.  (I’m going to MQS next week, I’ll take care of Mother’s day and any other holiday that may be coming up.)  They didn’t like my response and Guy came home with a new bike helmet as my gift.  I had been using his.  I know safety is important, but the only reason I wear one is to be a good example for the boys.  I grew up riding all the time with out a helmet and my brains are still intact.

Here are a few pictures of Jesse during the maiden ride on his bike.











Either he was bothered by me taking pictures, or this new bike (which is almost twice as big as the old one) was taking a lot of concentration.

The picture of the iris on the left was for my picture a day.  It is the first iris to open in our yard.




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