It All Happened in the City

8 05 2008

That was the name of the play at the boys’ school.  Nolan played Uncle Yule and maintained his accent through the whole play.  He had more lines than anyone else and his teacher and I told him to make some cue cards.  At 4:30pm I asked if he had made his cards yet.  He hadn’t and I told him he had better do it since he was running out of time.  He typed out all the lines and ended up holding them in his lap.  I know he knew the lines fairly well, but it would have looked like he just read them if he hadn’t been so smooth.  I took some pictures, but they were all blurry.  Jesse was in the back row so I couldn’t even see him through most of the production.

I did most of the cooking.  I had one person volunteer to help this time around and she made a couple of large pans of pasta.  I never know how many people will show up.  We had around 40 RSVP and about 100 come in for dinner.  Thankfully I believe in having plenty of food so we still had left overs.  Nothing was burned or spilled.  Dinner was scheduled for 5:30 and the food was ready exactly on time.  So I would classify the dinner as a success.  The play was at 6:30 and we had everything cleaned up and were out the door by about 8:00.  It was very strange to leave one of these events while there was still some daylight.




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