Mr. Potato Head Gone Wild

4 05 2008

Guy and I were out and about and we stopped at Target to buy a replacement washcloth.  We looked at each other and said, “Is that all?”  We headed for the checkout, and as we rounded a corner, I spotted it!  Indiana Jones Potato Head!  OK, that may seem a little odd for me to get excited about.  But Jesse loved Mr. Potato Head when he was little and he has been collecting them ever since.  I probably shouldn’t admit it here, but he still gets them out once in awhile and plays with them.  When you press Indiana Jones Potato Head’s hat it plays the theme song.  How cool is that?  As you can see he came home with us.

Jesse’s collection is fair sized.  In addition to the toys he has had Potato Head magnets, Potato Head cling stickers, Potato Head computer games, a Potato Head hand held video game, a Potato Head key chain, Play Doh Mr. Potato Head,  Mr. Potato Head Puzzles, and a Potato Head Plush toy.

When I took the picture of Indiana Jones Potato Head, Jesse brought out the majority of his specialty Potato Heads.  The only way he was willing to buy the Cupid Potato Head was to remind him of his collection.  At his age “love” is gross!  You may notice in the last picture, there is only one Mrs. Potato Head plus one mini Mrs. Potato Head. 

After I had already downloaded the picture to the computer, he realized his Colorado Rockies Potato Head hadn’t made it into the line up.  So we got it out along with most of the rest of them.  Notice the classic Potato Head on the far left of the picture.  When he was little, that was the ONLY acceptable way to assemble Mr. Potato Head, although I don’t think he liked the glasses then.  In fact as I was putting together some of the other Potato Heads today, he accused me of being the weirdest Potato Head maker EVER.

Other than his spare parts, I think that is pretty much the whole Potato Head Family.





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4 05 2008

That is an awesome collection.

I have a Darth Tater keychain on the messenger bag I carry with me on airplanes. (It’s a Tinkerbell bag.)

5 05 2008

I didn’t know they made specialty Potato Heads??? I love your collection!! Hmmm… I may have to start my own! LOL

5 05 2008

I didn’t know they had specialty potato heads. I’d say this trumps my pez dispenser collection!!!

7 05 2008

Wow, I remember when all you got when you bought a Mr. Potato Head was the parts and you put them into a real potato!

19 08 2010
Debbie Royce

I’m a Potato Head fan/collector!! I love them!! I didn’t have toys as a kid so, I’m making up for it!

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