To the Quilting Pile with YOU!

23 04 2008

I’ve finished another UFO quilt top.  I think this time it is less a cause for rejoicing and more a reason for contemplation.  I found the parts for this quilt in a box in the closet while I was looking for something else.  It is somewhere between 9 and 12 years old, since I was making it when we lived in California.  When I found it in the box, the center was together and the 16 squares to make the outside border were also completed.  I remember thinking of throwing it in the trash at one point in time, because I didn’t have the directions for finishing it.  I did this quilt as a free online mystery through Sunbonnet Sleuth.  When I found the pieces this time, I decided to search the Internet to see if I could find a picture of the quilt.  I can’t believe there was  one there!  I took the parts to my sewing area and laid them on my light table and there they have sat until this week.

Guy will tell you, I will cover any horizontal surface, and it was finally time to start uncovering some of those surfaces in my sewing area.  I picked up the parts from this quilt and decided that rather than finding somewhere to stash it, I’d finish it.  Besides sewing is always more fun than cleaning. 

This is the final quilt top.

I had the pieces spread out on the floor when Guy came home Monday night.  His first question was, “Do you ever get to where you don’t like a project you started?”  My answer was yes and in fact this was one of those projects.  His next questions was, “Why do you spend the limited amount of time you have for working on your stuff on something you don’t like?”  I really didn’t have a good answer for that other than it was so close to finished,  it seemed a waste to trash it.  His final question, “Are you picking the low hanging fruit?”  Huh?  Sorry, I’d never heard that expression.  He explained they use it at work meaning doing the easiest thing just so you can say you finished something.  My answer — maybe.

So what have I learned from this quilt?  Why doesn’t it do much for me?

  • I’ve learned mystery quilts aren’t for me.  I prefer to have an idea of where I’m headed even if I deviate along the way.
  • I don’t care for paper piecing.  I’ll do it if I absolutely must to achieve the desired results, but I HATE removing the paper. (I really already knew this.)
  • I already know yellow is a strong color, but this is a clear example of it dominating a project.
  • I think this is a good example of too little contrast.  I looked at the quilt through a ruby beholder and the black, green and blue read as darks, the yellow as a light and the red as a very dark medium.
  • I’ve learned that even though I’m not a child of someone raised during the depression, I don’t like to waste something.  If this quilt is finished, it may actually be useful for something.
  • I’ve learned I am much better at pressing now than I was several years ago!  I’m also more accurate.
  • I  get a sense of accomplishment when I finish something even if it isn’t a family heirloom.

All that said, the quilt has grown on me slightly since the top is finished.  It will go into the “waiting for quilting” pile until I want to try some new technique on it.

Guy did have one more question.  Do I ever do a project just so I will have something to post on my blog?  I think I can safely say no, however it does motivate me to get something done so I have something to write about.




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27 04 2008

Congrats on finishing your quilt!

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