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22 04 2008

Before I start talking about the main subject, I wanted to give an update on yesterday’s post.  I heard from Robyn at Bird Brain Designs less than 24 hours after sending an email.  I call that GOOD customer service.  There is a mistake in the pattern and she will be correcting it as soon as her sample comes back from a show.  I know some of you were eying that pattern after seeing it here, so just a heads up.  She said I was the first person to contact her about it and she was horribly embarrassed, but thankful to know about it.

On to the subject of this post —

I FINISHED a UFO!!!  It isn’t a quilt, but it has been waiting for at least 4 years.  I started working on this shirt while I still had a sewing room.  In other words before Nolan decided he needed his own room.  It was put aside while I worked on moving out of that room to the basement and while I painted for him.  It just didn’t get picked back up again until recently.

I bought the pattern as a boxed kit with the fabrics for the applique.  It also has the fabric for a small wall hanging, which I apparently cut and fused while working on the shirt.  The pattern was from The Whole Country Caboodle, but I didn’t see it there when I looked today.

This is fused machine applique.  I used a blanket stitch with matching cotton thread.  Here’s a close up .

— edited —

I thought I was finished until I loaded my close up and realized I hadn’t given the chick his top knot.  I’ve switched close up pictures, but if you look close at the full picture you can see the dots where it needed to be stitched.




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27 04 2008

Loved your chicken shirt!!!

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