A Green Thumb I Am Not

17 04 2008

I’ve been visiting many blogs in which people discuss the beautiful gardening/landscaping they are doing.  It still isn’t warm enough for that here with snow storms and daffodils just peeking out.  It really doesn’t matter for me, because when plants see me coming they wither and die.

I did about the extent of my gardening today.  I needed some little gifts for the teachers at school.  Would you believe there are some of them that don’t care for chocolate?! Purple seems to be the favorite color among those teachers, so I picked up a pack of Pansy’s and some little pots.  I also bought ribbon, but when I made a bow for the pot it just didn’t add anything.  Sometimes simple is best.  I still have two plants that I need to pot and see if they survive me.  It’s a good thing my husband takes care of our plants, or we would be surrounded by brown twigs.




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