Happy Birthday Sheila

10 04 2008

Today is my sister’s birthday.  She was born on Easter morning when I was a little over two years old.  I remember just snippets of going to the hospital, I think it may have been when she came home.  If my mom was anything like I was when my second was born, she was expecting another similar to the first.  That couldn’t have been more wrong.  Actually my parents were expecting a boy, they only had a boy’s name selected.  My dad was logging in Alaska when my sister was born in Oregon.  When my mom called to tell him and ask about a name they had a bad connection.  He finally told her to name my sister whatever she wanted.

I can remember watching her take a nap when she was a little older and stroking her soft little hands.  I’m still drawn to baby hands.

 This is a picture of Sheila and me when she was almost one so that would make me three.

As you can see she had dark curly hair and I had straight blond hair.  The contrasts didn’t stop there.  Sheila had a bubbly personality and I was very serious as a child.  People do not forget Sheila once they meet her.   She got every drop of musical talent.  Do you know how frustrating it is to sit and practice at the piano and have your younger sister just listen and then come play it better than you ever could?  She had a fantastic imagination.  She used to talk about her “other” family.  She could sit and tell stories for hours.

It wasn’t all a bed of roses.  We fought like crazy when we were kids.  Her first year in college we roomed together.  My dad didn’t think we would last the year.  We did, and had apparently out grown the fighting.  Now we are very good friends even though we live 1000 miles apart.

By the way when I talked to her tonight, I found out she spent her birthday visiting four quilt shops (she decided a few years ago she likes piecing quilts even though she hated sewing when she was a kid — I loved it.)  and she cooked her own birthday meal!  I told you she liked to cook and would sometimes choose to cook rather than go out  — even on her birthday!

Happy Birthday Sheila.




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