Finished is Good

20 03 2008

Or even one stage finished is good.  I finished quilting Ann’s quilt yesterday.  I had fun with it and the quilting really shows.  Ann made the quilt from the pattern in a magazine.  The quilt was featured on the cover.  Sorry I don’t remember which magazine.  Perhaps she will chime in and let us know.


All the quilting on this quilt was done freehand.  Here’s a close up. This picture will be too big for the page so you will need to click it to see the whole thing.


Even the square spirals were done freehand, however I did use a spacing disc on the foot of my machine to keep the spacing somewhat uniform.  These particular discs are made to fit the Gammill foot and are available from King’s Men Quilting Supply


 I’ve been rewarding myself (or taking breaks depending upon how you want to look at it) for making a certain amount of progress on customer quilts by doing just a little on my own projects.

This one has been on my design wall to remind me to work on it for the last couple of months.


embroidery-close-up.jpgI literally was putting the final borders on it as I was leaving for Color class last night.  I wanted to finish the top if I could because it is a Triad if you ignore the green in the border print.  (It also was pressed smooth before I shoved it in a bag to take to class.  This quilt was made from a Crabapple Hill pattern called French Cottage Garden.  The cover of that pattern is in black and white and I would have passed it by forever, except I saw a sample in Folktales in Lynden, Washington during the 2006 Western Washington Shop Hop.  I would have also bypassed that shop if it hadn’t been for the shop hop.  Out of the three years I’ve done the shop hop that was the only one we ever went that far north.  The ad for Folktales in the shop hop paper said something about them specializing in primitive quilts and crafts.  Now there is nothing wrong with primitive, it just doesn’t flip my switch.  However, we stopped at the shop to get our passport stamped and pick up our free block.  It was the cutest little shop loaded with wonderful samples.  I bought the pattern there, but didn’t start the quilt until last February.  In February I marked one of the embroidery panels to take along on my trip to the Puyallup sewing expo.  I marked it a week before the trip, but had that whole panel embroidered before I left so I marked the second panel.  Don’t let the embroidery scare you, it goes very quickly.  There are only three stitches used — backstitch, french knots and lazy daisy.   I think it may have been faster to do the embroidery than all those half square triangles!  The picture on the right is one repeat of the embroidery.

I know exactly how I want to quilt this one, it is just a matter of finding the time.




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20 03 2008
Vicki W

The quilting on the blue and white quilt is really lovely! Glad you take some time for yourself too. The pinwheel quilt is very cute!

21 03 2008

Hi Sonya, Thanks for showcasing my quilt. You know the saying “the quilting makes the quilt”? You’ve done it again.. Thanks ever so much for such a beautiful quilt! The pattern was in a Quiltmaker magazine, I believe. I will let you know which issue.

21 03 2008

I love that shop!
Linda, the owner is a sweetie, does some fabulous embroidery.
(I do quilt some of her samples!)

Great blog, Sonya,
Let me know if you are in the area again

25 03 2008

The quilting on the blue and white quilt is just fabulous- I love it!

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