Unfinished Quilts Progress

18 03 2008

img_0235.jpgI have been plugging away on my UFOs between quilting for customers.  I made a great deal of progress on Sunday and finished these two tops on Monday morning.  They can now be moved into the “need quilting pile” which is getting quite large.  I didn’t make these quilts for any particular purpose other than to try out the technique.  Lynn (a member of my mini quilt group Quilters Anonymous) invited us to her house one Sunday afternoon in the summer or fall of 2006 to make Disappearing Nine patch blocks.  She sent us the yardage necessary in advance.  I didn’t have enough of anything that coordinated because I usually only buy 1/4 yard cuts if I don’t have specific plans for the fabric.  I wasn’t interested in spending a great deal of money because this was just a technique experience.  I stopped in at Hobby Lobby and found all the fabric but the yellow in the clearance bins (I found the yellow later at a different Hobby Lobby in the clearance bin.)  Those four variations of blocks came from this technique.  I decided I didn’t want to put them all in one quilt so made the two smaller quilts.  I think they will work for table toppers or picnic quilts.  In one of the quilts I decided to add embroidery to the center of some of the blocks.





All of the embroidery designs came from Renae Lindgren collections at Embroidables.com.  I heartily endorse the designs from Embroidables.com.  Every design I’ve used from them has stitched out beautifully.  For those of you using Bernina software, their designs are A grade ART designs.  They resize perfectly.  Just one warning and it isn’t because of the designs.  I usually do my resizing in the software, but for the measuring spoons I resized in may 200E embroidery machine.  The machine broke apart all the blackwork run objects in the design and created loads of jump stitches.  I double checked the software and those jump stitches weren’t in the design as it was  digitized.  That was an interesting discovery and I will certainly try to do my resizing in the software in the future.  It’s faster that way, anyway.




One response

20 03 2008

Hi—–those turned out cute, especially with the embroideries. I like the technique and if I can get through with the Firefly’s things, want to make a couple more for table toppers, too.

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