Putting out Fires

12 03 2008

I have a nasty habit of living my life putting out whichever fire is burning the hottest at the moment.  In other words, whatever absolutely must be done takes top priority.  Today was software club and I figured I had Monday and Tuesday to get ready for it.  The best laid plans . . .  At 6:40am on Monday I received a call asking me to substitute teach for grades 7-10.  I did and that took up most of the time I thought I had on Monday.

Tuesday I did work on the handout and the designs, but Nolan has had a horrible rash and we made an appointment with the doctor for 3:30pm.  I left home about an hour prior to that to pick them up from school and make it back to the doctor’s office.  The doctor requires that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment.  I thought we were going to be lucky when we were called to the exam room at about 3:18.  Wishful thinking!  After sitting in the exam room for almost an hour the doctor finally made an appearance.  She diagnosed him with “Contact Dermatitis,”and gave us a couple of prescriptions for some topical creams.  She also had him get a steroid shot, much to his dismay.  The shot wasn’t what bothered him.  He has gotten extremely private since he became a teenager, and he didn’t appreciate where they gave him the shot.  After the shot we had to stay in the waiting area for another 15 minutes to make sure he didn’t have a reaction.  It was now about 4:50 and I needed to be back at the school for board meeting at 6:30.  We went back to the east side of town and had a quick dinner at Noodles & Co.  It was then a quick trip to the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions and we made it back to the school just in time for the meeting.

It was almost 9:00pm by the time we arrived home and I still hadn’t done a test stitch out of my designs.  The subject for software club was applique.  I traced patterns on fusible web, chose fabric and cut out the pieces and pieced the background.  (I get better results using the fusible rather than trimming in the hoop and the Bernina software will print patterns for applique pieces.)  Finally I could start stitching.  There were a few  very minor glitches.  The Bernina software has some quirks in V.5 when doing applique.  Finally at 11:30pm, I had my sample of “Chicken Gumbo.”  He still needs button eyes, but they were out of stock when I tried to buy them.


The pattern for this block came from the book “Chicken Buffet” and yes each student had to buy the book.  We will be doing one block at each software club as a block of the month in addition to whatever else I teach.

I had one more sample for Advanced Applique and figured if I could get moving early enough this morning I could stitch it out.  I did manage to stitch it out.  When it was stitching I realized at some point I had reduced the width of the satin stitch perimeter more than I intended.  Because of that there are some stray threads from the applique fabric.


I didn’t use fusible with this design.  I tacked it down and trimmed in the hoop.  Notice the applique isn’t quite as smooth.  I’ve corrected the outline stitch on this design and it is available as a free download in the sidebar.

That fire is out for this month on to the next.




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