6 03 2008

Twelve years ago today, Jesse made his appearance on the scene.  Based on birth order, he is doomed to always be my baby!  Out of four pregnancies the one with Jesse was the easiest and least complicated.  (For those of you counting, I do only have two children.)  We worked so hard to get our first child we decided to start working on a second one around Nolan’s first birthday.  It wasn’t any work,  Jesse was on the way in short order.  Because I had had so many problems during my first two pregnancies the doctor was sending me for fairly regular sonograms.  She finally decided to just induce and be done with it ten days prior to his due date. 

When I arrived at the hospital on the morning of the 6th, I was told I was already having contractions.  Unfortunately, they still gave me pitocin.  I’m not stupid, I had learned after Nolan’s delivery to go for the epidural at the earliest possible moment.  (I might have tried for natural child birth, if they hadn’t induced labor each time.)  I was expecting to spend the full day in labor.  At lunch time I sent everyone away, because I figured we had plenty of time.  Jesse was in a hurry and Guy made it back just in time for the pushing.  At 1:25 a very blue baby arrived.  He didn’t stay blue for long and soon started displaying his own personality.

 I was expecting another child like the first.  I was wrong.  Jesse has always been his own man.  He was a happy baby (so was Nolan just more serious) and actually slept in his crib (unlike his brother) until he figured out he could climb out of it.  He was always extremely interested in whatever was going on around him and was never terribly interested in eating.   He has been both a joy and a blessing. 

Rather than creating new digital scrapbook layouts, I’ve included pictures of some of the layouts I did with Creative Memories.  Just a few highlights from his first year.




Jesse has an amazing mind and can be extremely funny.  Here is his birthday wish list from Sunday — notice the next to the last line.  He certainly didn’t get everything on that list!


He did get half of the priceless item.  I picked him up at noon.

Where have the last twelve years gone?  That adorable bundle (I told you on my birthday, they were cute if they were mine) has turned into this not too bad looking young man.


Happy Birthday Jesse!  I love you.




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6 03 2008

Happy Birthday, Jesse! You sure were (and are) a cutie!

6 03 2008

Indeed a handsome young man, and on top of that a very nice young man. My husband and I both sure enjoyed your post today. Not sappy, but very sweet and heartwarming. And then we had a big “priceless” chuckle.

9 03 2008

A very handsome young man. Happy Birthday Jesse.

10 03 2008

It’s late now, but Happy Birthday Jesse.

The1996 birth year caught my eye, as I will have my own 12 year old boy on April 1. He is my eldest child. Where does time go?

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