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5 03 2008

I have had many hobbies and interests through the years.  During the first couple of years Guy and I were married I took Wilton cake decorating classes.  I took all three courses they offered and I ended up making cakes for people at work for several years.  I would make and decorate as many as three cakes a week in the evenings.

cakes-002.jpgThis was the final cake for the third course and it started that whole era.  I spent hours making all those flowers and this was a full size wedding cake.  There was no way I was keeping all that cake at home for just the two of us (Neither of us were ever overly fond of eating decorated cakes.)  I took it to the office and by the end of the day, that whole cake was gone.  People came from several different offices to the contracts office to get some.  All of a sudden people knew I could make cakes and I made them for just about every occasion imaginable.

Here are just a few others from those years.


I used candy melts on this one to make the bags and charge cards.


The center medallion was done using color flow icing. The pattern for the dragon came from a scroll saw book.


This one was made for a coworkers wife who was a huge Stephen King fan.  He brought one of the books to me to look at the type and this is what we ended up with.


This was my sister’s wedding cake.  I think just about every cake was a different flavor.

After making more cakes than I care to count, I got tired of cleaning up the greasy mess after making frosting.  Unfortunately, this loss of interest in decorating cakes happened somewhere near the time my boys arrived on the scene.  I have pretty much stopped making frosting and just buy the stuff in the plastic containers these days.  Now that Nolan is older he usually chooses and Angel Food cake so I don’t even have to frost that.

Jesse’s birthday is tomorrow and he had specified he wanted a Funfetti cake.  I thought I was going to get away with just frosting the cake and putting sprinkles on it.  When I asked him what shape he wanted, I learned that wasn’t what he was thinking.  Several shapes came under discussion.  He suggested a cake shaped like a Wii.  That wouldn’t be a big deal, but our Wii stands upright and I didn’t think the cake would stay in that position for any length of time.  He finally decided he wanted Mario on his cake.  Bear in mind this is this afternoon and there is limited time remaining.

I baked cupcakes for his classroom first.  This is my style of cake decorating now!


I kept trying to get him to decide on something simpler.  I found a star pan among my huge inventory of pans and he decided that was good, but we still needed to put Mario’s face on the cake.

If you have stuck with me this far, I have a tip for you when baking cakes.  If you will place the cake in a pan of water until the last ten minutes of baking time the cake will rise evenly avoiding that unsightly hump in the middle.  The pan of water also results in a more moist cake. Here is a picture showing what I mean.  The only catch is getting the cake out of the pan of water for the last ten minutes of baking without burning yourself or pouring hot water everywhere.

img_0162.jpg I didn’t have to slice any excess off this cake.  It was very level.

Even though I finally caved on actually decorating a cake, I still had no intention of making my own frosting.  I had purchased two containers of the frosting that went with the Funfetti cake.  I thought the frosting was a cream color.  It wasn’t. It was a light yellow, so that posed some challenges when trying to color the frosting.  Another challenge was the many years old paste food coloring.  I threw several hardened containers away tonight. 

If I had made my own frosting this cake would certainly have had better detail.  But the important thing is Jesse is thrilled with it.  I feel a little guilty that I have decorated so many cakes for other people’s children and this is what mine get.


I still have a big mess to clean up in the kitchen!




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6 03 2008
Sharon Spingler

Those are fabulous!! I drooled over the first one!

21 03 2008

(Plus, it was.)

(blog owners note — this is my son talking about the Mario cake)

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