Getting Back in the Groove

4 03 2008

Does anyone else have trouble getting back in their routine after they have been out of town?  I have a horrible time getting motivated once I get home from a trip.  Part of the problem this time could be the quilt that never seems to end.  It has been on the machine way too long.  It is a pretty quilt, it just isn’t exciting me.

The weather was bad on Sunday.  Apparently, the airplane for my flight came out of Denver.  They were at least 1-1/2 hours late because they had to wait to be deiced.  It wasn’t a big deal for me, I bought a book and happily waited out the delay.  It wasn’t quite so pleasant for Guy and the boys.  They had to drive up to Denver to pick me up and the roads were awful, with many accidents.  It was slow going coming home, but Guy said the roads were much better by then.  I may have to rethink traveling on this week-end of the year.  Last year I-25 was shut down the day I left Denver with horrible roads.  I gave thanks to God for the safe trip for all of us.

Only one thing of note in the last couple of days.  I finished embroidering my last Nursery Rhyme block.  Now I need to figure out how to set this quilt.


Ann and Lisa, do you think I could get away with using the two Miss Muffet blocks for my Triad for Color class this month?




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4 03 2008


6 03 2008
Sharon Spingler

I’ve only had 3 quilts since Christmas so I know exactly what you mean by getting back into the groove. I’ve had a twin on for a week now but I am down to the last border………whoo hoo!!

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