Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off to Puyallup We Go

28 02 2008

It’s 6:30am in Oregon and I am awake.  It will be a little while before everyone else is actually up and moving about.  My mom and sister are both going to Puyallup today, too.  We will make a quick stop at Jazzy Bagels for Cranberry Orange bagels.  These are the best bagels.  I haven’t found any like them anywhere else.  Anytime I come to my sister’s I have Cranberry Orange bagels.  If you are ever in Gresham, you should make a stop at Jazzy Bagels at 5 E. Powell Blvd. 

Last night’s flight was reasonably uneventful.  I was flying with Sheldon the Sea Turtle. 

Tail Art Sheldon the Sea Turtle

I enjoy just looking at the tail art on Frontier’s airplanes.  They are based out of Denver, so there are quite a few to see.  You can see the whole line up at http://www.frontierairlines.com/frontier/fun-stuff/animal-tales-continued.do

I know I’ve flown Frontier at least once before, because my boys have commented about liking the airline that has the TV in the back of each seat.  Sure enough it was Frontier.  Guy will be so proud, I actually sprang for a movie.  He would tell you I’m horrible about paying prices where I’m a trapped audience.  So why yesterday?  For one I hadn’t gotten to the library to look for a book for this trip and I couldn’t find one that caught my interest in the book stores at the airport.  The other reason is on Frontier you have the choice of several movies.  I settled on Martian Child starring John Cusack and Bobbie Coleman.  It was a very touching movie about a widower who adopts an abandoned child who believes he is from Mars.  It was very well done and it was fun to see both John and Joan Cusack in the same movie playing brother and sister.  It was worth the price and made the trip seem quicker.

The only downside to the flight was my left ear refused to pop on the decent into Portland.  I’m sure this is because of the sinus congestion.  As soon as I realized what was happening, I popped another decongestant, I finished my bottle of water and I blew all to no avail.  I snatched a piece of gum from my sister once I was on the ground and chewed like a cow, still no go.  It pretty much stopped hurting when we were on the ground, but I felt like I had swimmers ear.  It finally equalized about 4:00 this morning, now it is just slightly tender.

OK, I hear more people rattling around, so it is time to hit the shower and get going for the big day.




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