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22 02 2008

My in-laws gave me money for my birthday (Thanks again Sandra & Glen).  For me that is usually the best type of gift.  I have pretty much used up their gift.  There were a couple of things I ordered through the mail.

blog-001.jpgI got a 20-1/2″ Omnigrid square.  It is going to be perfect for squaring up my Prairie Flower applique blocks.  I also ordered the Omnigrid Fold Away.  This one is the largest size.  It is both an ironing surface and a cutting mat as shown in the picture below.

blog-002.jpg Next I took advantage of my birthday discount at Ruth’s Stitchery.  If you have made purchases there throughout the year, you receive 1/2 your age as a discount the week of your birthday.  I really didn’t have a long list, but picked up a few things.

I purchased these blue and white batiks thinking I would use them for the pieced blocks in my Walking in A Winter Wonderland quilt.  I’m not sure they will actually work, but I’m happy to have them anyway.  Blue is my favorite color.  I also picked up both sizes of Circleeze templates.  I’ve cut my own circle templates for applique from heat resistant template plastic in the past, but decided it would be nice to have perfect circles ready to go.  I read a great tutorial on these at Blue Moon River.  This is the same way I’ve prepared circles for applique in the past, just no making templates — as long as the correct sized circle is in one of these sets.


This is another batch of batiks I bought.  These are going to be used as the background for a Chicken Buffet quilt.


This picture shows the fabric I picked up for the chicken bodies and for the wings.  I included a picture of the book.  I am a vegetarian (the book includes recipes), but this book tickled my fancy.  I am going to use it for a digitized block of the month in Software club.  For those of you worried about copyright, yes, each student has to buy their own copy of the book.


I originally started digitizing snowmen from Possibilities Snow Buddies Thoughout the Year.  I began that effort just for myself, but my students really liked the blocks.  Unfortunately, the book is out of print.  I contacted Possibilities to see if we could pay them some sort of fee for each student to use the images.  It took forever for them to answer, and when they did it didn’t really address my question.  They said something like you may digitize the images for your personal use, but you may not give them to the students.  That wasn’t what I asked.  They did say they were looking at a way to republish the book that didn’t require storing them.  I’m thinking that might mean CDs, but I haven’t seen anything since I sent my request more than a year ago.  Just for fun here are the three snowmen I have stitched out.  I have three more digitized and just need to find the time to stitch them.  Click on the picture to see all the way to the edge.


The book calls for every little detail , right down to the buttons and shoe laces, to be appliqued.  That is why I decided to digitize them.  I could get the detail without having to deal with all those itty bitty pieces of fabric.  I’m really happy with how these have come out.  All of these are my first stitchout.  I’m hoping we can have as much fun with the chickens.




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22 02 2008

Wow, sounds like a fun shopping trip to Ruth’s. Were you singing “Happy Birthday to me” while you were having fun? I love the blue batiks, they are beautiful. Funny story about the square rulers. Years ago I originally bought the 12 1/2 inch square because I was a beginning quilter and all my blocks were 12 inches. Little later was doing a quilt with 14 inch blocks so I thought I would be smart and jumped up to the 16 inch square ruler. Just in the past year I was working on a quilt in the Block Party group with 18 inch squares. Now the proud owner of one of the 20 1/2 inch squares like you got and still amused with the “collection” and my naivete when I bought the 12 and 16 inch. I also have one of the Omnigrid carriers. On mine the cutting mat slides down behind the ironing surface and the other side has all kinds of see-thru pockets. Even one that is perfect for a 6 x 24 ruler. They are great for classes and have great capacity to expand if you want to stuff all your fabric inside too. Sounds like you had a very nice birthday. Can’t wait to see what you do with all your new software, supplies, and fabric. Again, I love the batiks. I sure do enjoy all of your pictures.

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