Frustrated Energy

20 02 2008

You would think by my age, I would have learned to go with my instincts.  I should know how to say NO!  I turned in my resignation for a position in an organization last month right before the board meeting.  In that month the whole place has gone into upheaval (not because I resigned).  A few of the other board members that have my respect, asked me to stick around until things were calmed down.  First it was, “come to finance committee,” and next it was “we really need you at the board meeting.”  I felt like hitting someone, or screaming by the time I left last night.  Have you heard of majoring in minutia?  During the meeting I was reminded of something Jesus said in the book of Matthew.  “You strain the gnat and swallow the camel.”  That was exactly what was happening.  We weren’t allowed to address the real issue.  There will be another meeting in two weeks.  Argh!

This post is not meant to be a rant.  I got home  at 9pm last night. I was so wound there was no point going to bed anytime soon.   I decided to use all that energy/adrenaline and headed to the basement to work.  I had barely started this customer quilt, and I worked until it was finished.  By that time I could barely keep my eyes open and figured I would finally be able to sleep.

Here’s Jean’s Blooming Nine Patch.  It was quilted using Keryn Emmerson’s Fuschia pantograph.


Here is a zoomed in view to show the quilting.  You will have to click on it to see the whole picture.


I had also just finished this quilt for her.  It is quilted with Linda’s Folk Garden designed by Linda Taylor.


Here’s a closer shot trying to show the pattern.  This pattern doesn’t repeat for the whole length of the roll.


It was nice to quilt some pantos for a change.  It was also a good way to dissipate some of that frustration last night.




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22 02 2008
Karen (Misiz C)

Isn’t quilt therapy grand?! I have the most wonderful controlled string quilt due to a particular frustrating incident that happened with an NPO I USED to volunteer with. The frustration occurred on a Friday and by Monday… :c). I don’t keep many quilts but this is one of my favorites. I feel for you, dealing with all the minutia.

Love those pantos. Hmmm… more to add to the list.

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