Look what I got at school

13 02 2008

Just as many other parents across the country, I’ve had children home sick last week and this.  Nolan was out all last week and Jesse will manage to have been out this whole week.  This week is Spirit week at school.  Jesse doesn’t care he would rather be at home than anything else.  I didn’t think Nolan was really doing anything this week.  The theme this year is Salad Dressing.  Monday was Thousand Island (think tropical), Tuesday was Caesar (think togas) and today was Bleu day.  I didn’t notice this morning, but Nolan did go to school dressed completely in  blue.  This is not unusual as he always chooses blue clothes (Jesse always opts for RED).  When I walked into the hall at school I was greeted by most of the 7th through 10th graders with blue faces.  Their teacher provided paint.  Many of them had their faces completely painted and others’ only half of their face.  This is how Nolan looked.

blue-beard.jpgHe said he hadn’t shaved for 13 years.  Which is true since he has never shaved.  I  stopped by King Soopers on the way home to pick up a few things for supper.  I happily gave him permission to go look at magazines while I shopped.  He received many odd looks.

I was reminded of his first Spirit week in Kindergarten.  That year they had weird hair day.  I had done a beautiful job gelling spikes in his hair.  I think it was also painted some other color.  We stopped at Albertson’s on the way home that day and again he got many strange looks.  I think I got several, too.  I could just see the thoughts running through some peoples minds.  “What kind of mother does that to her small child?”  He actually was complimented by the teenagers who saw him.

Today he just wanted a picture and then washed it off because it itched.  He thought he looked good with a beard and said he was going to grow one.  I think he will have to wait just a little longer.




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